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Dutch Slavery Memorial Year: € 2 million subsidy is being made available

Read this announcement in Dutch or in Papiamentu here. The announcement in Papiamento will follow soon.

Throughout the Dutch Slavery Memorial Year - which runs from 1 July 2023 to 1 July 2024 - special attention will be paid a year long to an important, painful and until very recently underexposed part of our shared history. With this context, the Government of the Netherlands is making € 2 million available for activities and initiatives that contribute to commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery in the Kingdom.

Through two subsidy schemes, organisations or individuals with ideas (either in groups or otherwise) are invited to organise social and/or cultural activities to commemorate the Dutch slavery past and broaden and share knowledge on that past.

Within the subsidy scheme of the Cultural Participation Fund, the focus is on participatory activities where the participants are actively involved. This subsidy is for initiatives wherein aspects of history and slavery are brought to the fore, that create educational material, stimulate healing processes or set up (international) cooperation between institutions. As such, the Fund wants to contribute to increasing knowledge and raising awareness and visibility of the slavery past, also for future generations.

This subsidy scheme, for which €1 million is being made available, is set to open for submissions around mid-January 2023. The Mondriaan Fund will open a subsidy scheme for the other €1 million in November 2022, where the focus will be on reception-oriented activities such as presentations, exhibitions and performances.

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