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Making Culture Together

A grant scheme for projects where the social field and cultural field work together to create culture for everyone.

Track 1 - Try Out

Track 1 - Try Out

‘Try Out’: the title says it all. This track features a low starting grant sum (from just € 2,500) and permits a relatively large role for the Fund’s support (up to 80% of the total budget). Try Out supports small-scale or short-term activities that stand out for their innovative or unusual approach, allowing the applicant to try out promising new ideas, to learn by trial and error, and to build further on that experience.

Track 2 - development projects

Track 2 - development projects

In some places, collaboration between culture and the social field requires the opportunity to calmly explore, to learn, and to improve with each other. This track supports projects that go through (some of) these phases: exploring, researching, developing, implementing, evaluating, adjusting and follow-up implementation. Given the different phases, these projects are often of longer duration. The available grant sums start from € 25,000 and the grant may serve to cover at most 60% of the total budget. 

Track 3 - Long term programme

Track 3 - Long term programme

This track is for applications that have already proven their quality or that can demonstrate to be embedded in a solid organisation and approach. These are projects seeking to intensify, expand and/or upscale activities, and so to ensure continuity and sustainability. These long-term programmes should apply for grants starting from € 50,000. The grant may be used to cover at most 50% of the budget. 

At the moment you can't apply for this grant scheme. At the end of March 2022 we expect to be opened for applications again.

On 19 January 2021 13:00h CET track 2 and 3 were closed. An external review committee judged the applications and finally 57 projects received a grant. In the final week of February the budget for track 1 also reached it's limit. Another 27 Projects received a grant.

Due to the great interest in the first application round, in which we were overcharged even with extra budget from the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports  (VWS), the subsidy ceiling for this scheme has been temporarily set to zero (board decision on 1 November 2021). You can therefore no longer apply.

At the end of March 2022 we expect to be opened for application again. We take the lessons learned and experiences from the first round into account. Please keep an eye on this website or our news letter for more information about application conditions per track.


Making culture together

Do you work in the cultural and/or social field and are you engaged in helping specific population groups participate in culture? Then the Making Culture Together scheme may be relevant to you.

Like the foregoing scheme, 'Pilot Making Culture Together' (which expired in September 2020), this scheme aims to remove thresholds and to make culture accessible to everyone. It is an incentive scheme to stimulate new initiatives and to help intensify, expand and/or professionalise existing activities.

An important means to achieve this goal is to promote closer collaboration and interaction between makers, pioneers and/or participants in the cultural sector and the social field, for instance in the care and welfare domain. In this way, the unique power of art and culture is applied to help tackle societal issues, for example loneliness.

The scheme is part of the Cultural Participation Programme'21-'24. This programme consists of three closely interrelated components: this grant scheme, which serves to support initiatives; knowledge sharing, to help make these initiatives sustainable in the long-term; and making culture visible, with a focus on culture makers and their experiences. Other partners in the programme are the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and the LKCA (Landelijk Kennisinstituut Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst, or National Knowledge Institute for Culture Education and Amateur Art).

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply to this scheme as a cultural organisation, an organisation in the social field, or as an independent professional in the cultural or social field. What matters is that you can demonstrate that you are collaborating with a party from the other field and that you share your knowledge about this collaboration, specifically your insights on how to reduce thresholds, so that others can learn from your experience.

(Collaboration partners can also be self-organised entities without legal personality in the cultural or social field, or can be education institutes. These parties cannot act as applicant to the scheme, however.) 

! Need help or inspiration to draw up your application? You can make use of the LKCA’s knowledge files (Dutch), or find inspiration in the examples.

! Also have a look at the tips for writing a project plan, the frequently asked questions, and the lessons learned during the Pilot scheme. You can find these among the documents listed on the right-hand side of this page. You can also find various example forms here. (in Dutch)

How does the Fund assess applications?

You can submit an application for innovative activities with artistic content, pursued through a collaboration between the cultural and the social field.

What do we mean by this?
What does ‘innovative’ mean?

‘Innovative’ is a broad concept. It doesn’t mean that the activity needs to be ‘experimental’ or a ‘first ever’ (although it may be, of course). An activity might be new for your specific target group, or might take a slightly different approach than usual (for instance, using theatre in an activity aimed at dealing with a psychological issue). What matters is that the support scheme is not intended for run-of-the-mill activities.

What does ‘artistic content’ mean?

This means that the activity centres on an art-related experience (for instance, a dance project for people with and without a physical disability concentrates on the dance production, and not on the disability).

What does ‘the social field’ cover?

This term is applied very broadly, covering everything from care to welfare, for all target groups and all ages. We want to support all people who feel inhibited to participate in culture, whether consciously or subconsciously. The threshold may be of a financial nature, or because what’s on offer doesn’t appeal, or people simply don’t know that it’s on offer, or they are barred from participating, for whatever reason.

What can you apply for? Examine the three tracks.

Within this long-term scheme there are three tracks to which you can apply. See the information below to determine whether your activities are relevant to the scheme, and if so, to which track. You need to choose (and hence to know) which track your activities belong to, before you apply. 

Do you have any questions?

You can contact one of the colleagues connected to this grant. Call us and ask for Vicky Serao Jill Senhorst  or  Gino van Zolingen

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