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Pilot National Amateur Arts Agreement

With the pilot we investigate what the sector should work towards from 2025. The projects that receive a grant through this pilot form the input and the basis for a National Amateur Arts Agreement.

Which grant is right for you?

Discipline-based support

This scheme is aimed at amateur arts umbrella organisations Circuspunt, Danslink, Federatie van Folkloristische Groepen in Nederland, Fotobond, Koninklijke Nederlandse Muziek Organisatie, Koornetwerk Nederland, Landelijke Organisatie Studenten Theaterverenigingen, Nederlandse Organisatie van Audiovi...
€ 10.000 - 105.000 Gesloten Read more

Substantive strengthening

Are you a cultural institution committed to the future of the amateur arts field? And do you work with amateur arts groups and professional organisations from the field? We invite you to apply for a grant for this pilot. 
€ 100.000 - 375.000 Gesloten Read more

The pilot consists of two parts: Discipline-based support and Substantive strengthening. Are you unsure which scheme is suitable for your project? Send an email with your question and your contact details to An advisor will then contact you.