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Phase 3 | Making sustainable results

Aimed at broadening and deepening an existing project at a minimum of three other schools.

Update: The final start date has been adjusted. The regulation states that the start date must be no later than September 1, 2024. This has been changed to September 30, 2024.

Update: The scheme for cultural education in vmbo, vso and pro education has been extended! You can still apply for subsidies until July 1, 2024. Do you have any questions? Please contact our advisors or via We're happy to assist you further!

You have already developed a cultural education project at vmbo, vso or pro, which has been carried out at one or two schools. Now you are ready to carry out this project on a larger scale and for different levels and types of schools in vmbo, vso and pro. 

Who can apply?

You can apply for a grant under this scheme if you are a non-profit cultural institution with demonstrable experience in vmbo, vso or pro education sectors, and you enter into a collaboration with at least three schools or branches for vmbo, vso or pro.

What can you apply for?

You want to extend your successful, contemporary project to other types of schools or levels in vmbo, vso and pro. You want to investigate how the project can be implemented on a larger scale and what you still need in order to achieve this. 

Making a connection between curricular and extracurricular cultural education may be part of your project.

What does the Fund look out for?

To help you with your application and to facilitate the process, we have created a format for your project plan. You can use this as a framework to describe your plan. We have also made a format for the budget and the collaboration agreement, which we advise you to use. This page is a summary of the complete legal regulation. Would you like to apply? Then make sure you have also read the full version of the scheme. A text version is available here that only includes the relevant parts. You will find all the documents mentioned here in the grey box under 'Documents'. These documents are only available in Dutch.

The criteria of the scheme are briefly described below:

  • Content | How has the existing project previously contributed to the promotion of students' creative ability and are there sufficient possibilities to customise this project?
  • Collaboration | Is the collaboration equal and based on mutual effort and commitment? Is there a common goal and is there commitment on a financial level? Is there also enough room for the mutual exchange of expertise to achieve tailored solutions?
  • Sustainability | Is there a realistic picture of how you can continue to implement the project on a larger scale after the project has ended? For example in terms of logistics, staff deployment, communication and financial feasibility.
  • Organisation | Do you have the necessary expertise and experience to carry out the project? Does your application consist of a realistic plan with a clear and achievable timetable? Is your budget reasonable and consistent with the activities?

At the end of the project, you will know what is needed to broaden your cultural education projects for vmbo, vso and pro and how you can tailor them to each school. You now have a sustainable and current cultural educational package that fits the needs of students in vmbo, vso and/or pro.

Practical conditions (selection)

  • Applications are processed in order of receipt until the budget limit has been reached. So do not wait too long to apply.
  • Your project may only start once the Fund announces that you have been awarded a grant. This takes 13 weeks at most.
  • At the latest, you start in the school year following the year in which your application was honoured.
  • Your project will last up to three years, including at all the years of activities with students
  • A maximum of three applications will be accepted per applicant.
  • You work together with at least 3 schools.
  • You may not collaborate with a school with which you already carried out this project in phase 1 or 2.
  • You must apply the three culture codes as described in Article 1.4 of the grant regulation. How strictly this is taken into account depends on requested amount.
  • The grant will not exceed 50% of the total project costs in the European part of the Netherlands, and 80% in other parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 
  • The educational institution also contributes towards the financial resources needed for the project. This contribution must not consist solely of capitalised hours.

The total budget for this phase is €1 million. 

Other phases

Does your project not fit into this phase? Have a look at the other two phases. These are aimed at an initial introduction and developing cultural educational activities together: