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Cultural education vmbo vso pro

Scheme for cultural education in vmbo, vso and pro education. This scheme consists of 3 different phases, depending on the entry level of your project. So please choose the right phase below for all relevant information.

Phase 1 | Introduction and try out

Phase 1 | Introduction and try out

This phase focuses on beginning collaborations. Apply for funding to investigate how you, as a cultural institution, can work together with a school on cultural education.

Phase 2 | Develop together

Phase 2 | Develop together

This phase focuses on the development and implementation of cultural education activities appropriate for vmbo, vso and pro students, which promote their creative ability. This should result in more suitable cultural education programmes for vmbo, vso and pro.

Phase 3 | Making sustainable results

Phase 3 | Making sustainable results

This phase is aimed at broadening and deepening an existing project at a minimum of three other schools.

Do you want more and better cultural education for VMBO, VSO, or PRO? In this scheme, you can apply for funds for cultural education projects under three different phases:

  • introduction and try out
  • develop together
  • sustainable results

These phases each have their own content, criteria, budget, amounts and application period.

So choose the phase from the options above that suits you. See the pages for each phase to discover all you need to know in order to apply. 

Do you have any questions?

You can contact one of the colleagues connected to this grant. Call us and ask for Marie-Louise van Nieuwenburg Martine Rippen Valerie van Valkenburg Lucien Ravensberg Ingrid Henzen  or  Petra Janssen Duyghuysen

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