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Photo by: Niels Knelis Photo by: Niels Knelis

Co-creation 2025-2028

Wish to improve, renew and make your organisation more sustainable in the long term? Want to dedicate yourself to social issues? For example, through community building, festivals or cross-sector collaboration? Then why not apply for our Multi-Year Co-Creation Scheme?

Which grant is right for you?

Co-creation: Institutions

As an institution, do you involve your direct environment in shaping your programme? Do you build a sustainable community together, where everyone feels ownership of the programming and/or stage activities? Then apply for funding through Co-creation: Institutions.
€ 200.000 - 500.000 Gesloten Read more

Co-creation: Festivals

Are you a (heritage) organisation with many volunteers? Together with these volunteers, do you organise large-scale festivals with national impact? Is your aim to professionalise your organisation with a view to the longer term, in order to better fulfil your role in the cultural domain? Then apply...
€ 200.000 - 500.000 Gesloten Read more

Co-creation: Cross-Sectoral

Are you a cultural institution or institution in the social domain that advocates active arts and culture participation for all? Do you collaborate with parties from the social domain on social activities? Then apply for funding through Co-creation Cross-Sectoral.
€ 250.000 - 1.000.000 Gesloten Read more

This scheme is aimed at institutions that combine a thoughtful vision of their role in the cultural domain with coherent and relevant activities. This vision and activities focus on achieving outcomes. Recipients are given the opportunity to work over a longer period to improve, renew and make their organisations more sustainable.