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Overseas parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


We operate throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including the Caribbean areas. To accomodate this part of the Kingdom, we chose to add this English section to our website.

What Team Caribbean does

The members of Team Caribbean actively contact and maintain relationships with various parties in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. These partners help establish contact between us and you, our potential applicants. We regularly update them on the possibilities for applications to the Fund, and they provide us with tips and feedback. You can request information from one of these parties as a first step towards an application. Among other things, they occasionally organise informative meetings (online or otherwise) in collaboration with us.

Consultation hours

Do you want to contact our Team Caribbean directly? Our colleagues are available to help you every day of the week, but especially during the online consultation hours. These are every Thursday from 15:30-17:00u CET. Send an email to Gino van Zolingen on in advance to receive an invitation for an online meeting.

Team Caribbean

Our staff members are divided into teams according to the various themes and schemes of the Fund. We have a special team for the Caribbean. Their names and contact details are provided below:

Gino van Zolingen
Gino van Zolingen
06 290 382 01
Lucien Ravensberg
Lucien Ravensberg
06 426 596 09
Thomas Nijhuis
Thomas Nijhuis
06 214 974 86